Edit Clojure by its parse tree on your iPad - Lisping adds support for Clojure

It has been three months since I released Lisping into the App Store. After smoothing out the mechanics of editing by the parse tree in the 1.0.x series of updates, I felt it was time to add support for Clojure, a great new JVM Lisp which is replacing Common Lisp as the "production" member of the Lisp family.

For those unfamiliar with Lisping, it is a touchscreen Lisp editor in which you directly edit the parse tree. Editing source code character by character is a concept wedded to the keyboard, and Lisping discards this in favour of selecting, creating and moving the syntax elements that reflect the true structure of code, an approach far better suited to the iPad's touchscreen than the traditional text editor.

Unfortunately Apple's strict prohibition against the JVM on iOS, and ClojureScript's lack of an (eval) function prevent Lisping from executing Clojure natively as it can Scheme, however next up on my TODO list is integration with ideone.com's superb API so that Clojure can be evaluated in the cloud from within Lisping.

Adding Clojure has upgraded what was once a personal coding experiment into a useful tool, nevertheless I am still working on Lisping, and I love to hear feedback, so feel free to get in contact.

Posted on 26 June 2012

Based on a work at http://slidetocode.com/blog

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