Lisping 1.0.1

Lisping 1.0.1 is now available as an update in the App Store. It fixes a unicode issue and adds support for inline comments and the retina display.

I'm putting the final touches to Lisping 1.0.2 now. Aside from internal refactoring and bug fixes the new features are:

  • Configurable display I have added a settings option to allow you to change the colorscheme and font size. Further options will be added to this in future release
  • Transformers There are editing operations for which Lisping is currently a little cumbersome, for example enclosing a selection in parentheses, or stripping parentheses from around a selection. Following requests I have added a transformers menu with add and strip parentheses options. Requests for other useful transformers would be gratefully received, so as always, get in touch.
  • Viewer mode Although the ringed placeholder elements are fundamental to Lisping's editing experience, I have had comments that they get in the way when browsing code. With this in mind I have added a viewer mode without placeholders in which code is selectable and executable, but uneditable.

Posted on 14 April 2012

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