Raskell: Haskell development environment for your iPad

Raskell is a Haskell editor and interpeter for the iPad. Write your code in the syntax highlighting editor with it's Vi like keyboard bindings, then press to open the interpreter window, execute your script, and evaluate expressions in the REPL.

Vi Keybindings

Raskell's custom Vi-like virtual keyboard is designed so that you should never need to move your fingers from the home row to select, edit and move text. This is especially useful on iPad, where the textview's standard gestures for moving around, and selecting text are just too clunky for efficient coding.

Press the blue button to swap to command mode and the labels on the keys will change to a set of commands that will be immediately familiar to any Vi user.

Haskell 98 on the go

Built on a ported, and updated, version of the popular open source Hugs interpreter, Raskell has full Haskell 98 support, giving you a true Haskell IDE on the go. Additional features are:

  • Background syntax checking: Syntax errors appear as a red mark in the margin. Tap on this to see a description of the error.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Browse symbols in your code
  • Autoindent